Film 1812 (Eng. sub.), Russie 1912

The Year 1812

1812 God (The Year 1812) (not complete)
R: Vasilii Goncharov, Kai Hansen, Aleksandr Uralskij. B: Afonskij, Kai Hansen, Aleksandr Uralskij. K: Louis Forestier, Aleksandr Levitskij, Joseph-Louis Mundwiller. D: Pavel Knorr, Vasilij Serjozhnikov, Aleksandra Goncharova, Andrej Gromov, Vladimir Gardin. P: Pathé Frères, Moscow / Aleksandr Khanzhonkov & Co. RUS 1912
Engl. subtitles

Film commemorating the centennial of the 1812 French invasion of Russia by Napoleon, and the battle of Borodino

Vasilii Goncharov (1861-1915)
“A civil servant until 1905, when he tried to enter literary circles, Goncharov was first attracted to literary and art-historical aspects of cinema. He scripted Drankov’s Sten’ka Razin (1908) before joining Thiemann’s company, and then moving on to work with Khanzhonkov, who shared his cultural enthusiasm. But it was during brief spells with Pathé and Gaumont that he improved his directorial skills — The Dashing Merchant (1910) was considered a landmark historical film before he returned once again to Khanzhonkov for the commemorative spectaculars which were his final directorial achievements: The Defense of Sebastopol, The Year 1812 and Accession of the House of Romanov (1913).”


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1812 год
Режиссеры: Василий Гончаров
Александр Уральский
Год: 1912
Страна: Россия
Производство: А. Ханжонков и К
Формат: ч/б, немой, 1300 м
Вид: игровой
Жанр: исторический фильм
Премьера: 1912-08-25 — выпуск на экран

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